Fixed Force Gas Springs

High quality American Made 316 stainless steel fixed force gas springs are self-contained pneumatic devices capable of producing very large forces. Each gas spring is pressurized with nitrogen gas and contains a small amount of lubricating oil within the cylinder. These gas springs not only have a superior visual appearance and quality, they are also available in various stroke lengths and forces. Used in opening or closing apparatus either by a vertical or horizontal travel for lifting, counterbalancing and motion control of doors, hatches, safety lids, hoods, cargo doors and access panels. Ameritool gas springs are suitable for all purposes and have unlimited application possibilities. Gas spring components are in stock and ready for immediate assembly and quick turnaround.

If your application requires something not available in our standard part line, our engineers can help design and manufacture a solution.

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  1. Force increments of 5 pounds.
  2. Product length tolerance is ± .08 in. (2.0 mm).
  3. Force tolerance is +3-8 lbs over the nominal force.
  4. Do not cycle more than 15 times per minute. Fast operation rates lead to excessive heat build-up resulting in internal seal damage.
  5. Gas springs are under pressure. Please dispose of properly. Do not puncture or open.
  6. Contact Ameritool for modified standards or for engineered specials to meet your exact needs.
  7. EE denoted no end fittings on spring.