Ameritool Gas Springs

Adjustable Force Gas Spring Bleed Off Instructions

For use with our 875, 1100, 1165, & 1750 Models

!! Safety glasses must be worn at all times !!

  1. Read all instructions before beginning the bleed off procedure.
  2. Remove the end fitting from the cylinder end of the gas spring (not from the piston rod).
  3. A threaded stud end will remain in either the cylinder end of the spring, or the end fitting. Remove the stud.
    Note: The stud is hollow on one end and solid on the other. This is your tool for adjusting the pressure of the gas spring.
  4. Position the gas spring with the piston rod facing downward. With the piston rod facing down, slowly reinsert the stud with the spot face or hex head facing outward. This will depress the valve and release gas pressure within the spring, reducing the spring force.
    Important: Release only a very small amount of gas. A small amount of gas release will significantly reduce the force of the spring.
  5. Remove the stud from the cylinder end and reinsert it with the hollow side or hex head facing toward the valve. Reassemble the end fitting until hand tight.
  6. Test the spring to see if the correct force has been achieved. If not, repeat steps 2 through 5 until the correct force has been achieved.

Warning: Be sure to release a very small amount of pressure. If more pressure is released than desired, the spring can only be recharged by the factory. A Return Goods Authorization (RGA) Number must be obtained from your distributor prior to returning for recharge.