Ameritool Gas Springs

Gas Spring Instructions

!! Warning: Gas Springs are under high pressure.

!! Caution should be used when installing, during use, and disposal.

!! Do not attempt to dis-assemble or open a gas spring or injury could result.

!! If gas springs are used in applications where failure means risk of health or life, we recommend using additional safety measures. Gas Springs are not safety parts.

  • Heat or open gas springs. They are under high pressure.
  • Apply clamp pressure to the gas spring cylinder or piston rod.
  • Grease or oil the piston rod. Gas springs are maintenance free.
  • Scratch, chip, dent, or bend the piston rod. Damage to the surface finish will destroy the seals and cause loss of pressure.
  • Paint the piston rod.
  • Expose the gas springs to side loading.
  • Expose the gas springs to excessive forces when bottomed in tension or compression.
  • Attempt to charge a gas spring.
  • Over-torque or over-load plastic end mounts in tension. Maximum recommended installation torque for plastic end mounts is 8 inch-lbs (0.9Nm). Maximum recommended load in tension for plastic end mounts is 100 lbs (445N).

Installation and Use:

Refer to the Ameritool catalog or for proper gas spring selection for your application, as well as mounting options and accessories.

Gas springs will operate over a temperature range from -10°F to 180°F (-23°C to 82°C). (High temp or Low temp seal packages are also available.)

Ensure all end mounts are secure before beginning installation. See torque maximum listed above.

Gas springs should be stored and mounted with the piston rod pointing downward. This will provide dampening at the end of the stroke during extension and provide lubrication of the internal seals.

Gas springs should be installed and un-installed in their free state, extension springs when fully extended, and tension springs when fully retracted. Be sure that your load is completely supported during installation and un- installation.

If the gas spring is mounted in an application where its failure may cause risk of injury, additional locking mechanisms should be used. Care must also be taken regarding end fitting suitability (Plastic end mounts not recommended) and mounting strength. This is a customer responsibility.

Provide positive stops so that the gas spring cannot be over-extended or over-compressed.

For assistance, contact your local Ameritool representative or send a message through the Contact Us form.

Revised May 6th, 2022