Ameritool Mfg. , Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of the new Ready-Switch.

Update and upgrade lighting applications. Sense and indicate open doors with the latest switch control from Ameritool – The Ready-Switch

Easily installed and use to enable or disable circuits by activating a gas spring. Since the Ready-Switch can be located at any position along the rod, the Ready- Switch can be added to most gas spring applications and will not compromise the quality or function of the gas spring. The Ready-Switch is a must have for tonneau covers, camper shells and storage door applications.

Ready_SwitchFeatures & Benefits include:

  • Easily placed on installed gas springs
    • No end fitting to remove
  • Fits stainless and carbon gas spring tube diameters
    • 18mm body dia
  • Infinite positioning along rod for more accurate
    • on/off locations
  • Smallest, most compact design on the market
    • Accommodates Multiple Applications
  • Moisture-Proof Switch
    • Product Integrity
  • Accurate, Reliable Circuit Control
    • Customer Satisfaction

As always, Ameritool is committed to providing cutting edge, innovative products that meet and exceed industry standards. It is Ameritool’ s mission to make the customer successful with every Ameritool product installed.
Please contact Ameritool Mfg, Inc. for details!