Press Release – Ameritool Tension Springs

Central Square NY – Jerry Beck, President, announced recently that Ameritool Manufacturing has added Tension Gas Springs [] to its product line of adjustable gas springs, fixed force gas springs, extension-compression and dual-rate dampers.

Beck, commenting on this new product line, said, “Our customers look to us to supply equipment that meets their high standards of manufacturing.”

Constructed from 316 stainless steel, Ameritool tension gas springs, also known as reverse-actinggas springs, are used on doors, lids, hatches and hoods that need to stay closed.

Tension gas springs work by keeping the piston rod in the closed position, operating in the opposite direction of other gas springs. Since a tension gas spring is compressed in its relaxed state, it always returns to its relaxed state once extension is stopped.

Since 1993, Ameritool Mfg, the first and the largest North American manufacturer of 100% American-made, high-quality 316 stainless-steel gas springs, dampers and tension gas springs, offers exceptional product quality, innovative design solutions, quick delivery and complete customer service.

Boat builders, aerospace, industrial, food service and farm-equipment manufacturers worldwide use Ameritool products as original parts in their product lines.

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